Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Wii and Midway News

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay but the game is going along smoothly. As I stated the game will be rated AO. It will have very disturbing images in the game. We feel that this game and many other games should be marketed towards older adults that enjoy things like horror movies or even a good porno. I know my last statement seemed out of hand, but this game isn't for unmature kids. This is for grown up men.

I will try and update my blog more, I'm going to release a screen shot later this month hopefully. I have to get approval from my boss though. Look forward to it! Untill then....

P.S.... I just got word of some exciting Wii news, lets just say that I always loved Reggie

-Midway Dev-

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Midway Needs Your Help

Hello Nintendo Fans,
My name is MidwayDev, the reason of this blog is so that we can get ideas from Nintendo fans for our up coming game that we want to develop. Right now we don't have a game genre that we want to do. So if you can all influence us with your good ideas we might be able to make a game that you all want. My boss told a couple of the developers to make a blog, I decided to make it and will take your ideas and present them during group meetings. Midway hopes to create a fantastic game with your ideas. I hope you take your time to give us your ideas, they WILL be used in our games. Our company will not leak any specs or secrets about the Nintendo Revolution. All I can say is the graphical capabilities of the Revolution are incredible, you will not be disappointed, you can say Sony & Microsoft fans will be disappointed. That’s all I will say about the Revolution, so with that I must sign off... I hope you join our company in this grand adventure!